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RidgeRunner - Updated Feb. 13
News Notes Of All Kinds With A Lighthearted Touch

February 12, 2015 - Welcome to RidgeRunner!

I've lived on the sides of area mountains for several decades - which has given me a unique view of life in the Alleghany Highlands.

That also means that I notice "stuff." I find that some of life's smallest details can provide both smiles and key information.

• I've wondered, for example, why when I go to Roanoke, I see all these beautiful Kroger stores, with nice parking lots, beautiful entrances, and shelves stocked to the brim with massive food inventory.

There is one such store in Daleville, for example.

But our local Kroger, despite having some nicest employees and management, seems to have escaped the attention of the company's "higher ups" when it comes to overall size and scope. I know it's an older store, but I know that company can be better!

I'm NOT being negative here, it just surprises me that this particular store seems to be both the smallest and least attractive of all the Kroger stores I can even find in the state. Hmmm, why is this?

On yet another note, WalMart has built some smaller stores in the Roanoke area and included fueling stations with them. One such facility is on Plantation Road, the site of an old Food Lion store.

I don't know if WalMart plans to add fuel to its Covington store, but that might impact its traffic significantly. Although I've heard rumor after rumor about Kroger in Clifton Forge adding a fuel station nearby, it's probably just talk. Even though it could gain big traffic from both I-64 and nearby Rte. 220, I see no move in that direction. A fueling station in Clifton Forge for Kroger would, it seems, dramatically increase its traffic. Upgrading its store and offerings in Clifton Forge just doesn't seem to be in the cards, I guess, despite what one store employee told me only a couple of months ago.

• I am distressed, to put it mildly, that the Siebel Heavy Equipment Repair operation burned to the ground last Wednesday. I don't know how many employees were affected, but I certainly am concerned for their jobs.

• My concern for the overall job totals at MeadWestvaco, since I've heard of the merger agreed to recently. The Alleghany Highlands needs, as probably its highest priority, jobs...jobs, and more jobs. MeadWestvaco not only has provided many much-needed jobs, but good-paying ones at that. I sincerely hope that tradition continues.

• Three cheers to Tractor Supply in Covington! I wanted a truck box tray, but the store was out of them. The female manager said, "No problem! I'll order one right now and we'll call you when it comes in." I thought, "yeah, right." Shortly thereafter, I DID get that call and got my tray. That is first class service and I appreciate it. I needed a spare trailer tire and wheel and that was available too. I like that place.

• Word on the street is that Alleghany Motors will turn its current vehicle lot into a "Buy Here, Pay Here" type car lot when it formally moves to its beautiful new facility near WalMart. I haven't confirmed that, but it that sounds like a good idea. Many people are now "credit challenged" and could use a new way of getting a vehicle they need without having to come up with so much cash. Good luck, folks.

• I saw nice Valentine's Day eating specials at both the Best Western restaurant and Western Sizzlin. Hey, I might see ya there.

• The next few days will be very cold at night, so please consider bringing in your dogs and cats. The temperatures will be in the teens or less and can become very dangerous to your special loved ones. Word to the wise!

• Speaking of dogs and kitties, why not consider adopting one from the local Alleghany Humane Society? There are always several available and the love you can pass along will enrich your life! Call that organization is located in Low Moor and may be reached by calling 862-2436.

• Send me YOUR news, tell me a secret, tell me a rumor, send me a photo, who's doing what, where, and when, with how much? What's neat going on here in our region? What has the potential for real trouble? I'm a specialist in "rumor-fact," and being able to separate one from the other. It's easy to contact me 24/7/365... just use your email and add your phone number if you need me to speak with you. Just email me at Ridgerunner@alleghanyjournal.com.

(This is a column as yet unfinished, but my publisher wants to test the HMTL and mysql code which will make my writings go live on the Internet...so please, bear with me a bit as that coding is finalized. I'll be back soon!

We'll be organizing the columns in a list you may be able to find them online for future reference as well.

Thanks for logging on to the AlleghanyJournal.com website! If you wish to read previous columns of mine, just click the link: Former RidgeRunner Columns.)

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