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Jerry E. Clark

Constitutional Showdown Predicted
By Jerry E. Clark
March 20, 2015 -

If you're a good Democrat, you're probably happy with President Obama, despite the fact his poll numbers have dropped in recent months. Perhaps these numbers really don't mean that much, for in Mr. Obama's case, he keeps going down the left hand side of the road no matter what.

This president has decided that since he cannot get his favorite legislation enacted by the current Congress, he's pretty much going to ignore them in favor of using what is known as "executive orders."

His supporters claim that the volume of his executive orders is not excessive when compared to his predecessors. Or course, that's a straw man type of argument. Volume as oppose to import or impact of any given order is what should be examined. When you more correctly look at this, you understand why so many regular Americans, and indeed, members of Congress, have grown very concerned.

Perhaps the president's most controversial move was to effectively create an amnesty situation with respect to a vast number of illegal immigrants who've poured over our southern borders. Unable (or worse, unwilling) to enforce our border laws, the President has claimed that Congress did not act to pass legislation he wanted and therefore he'd take action on his own...never mind that it appears he clearly lacks the legal authority to do so. Worse, in several previous instances (there is plenty of video evidence of this), Mr. Obama correctly states that he didn't have the authority to do that which he already has done, but now conveniently ignores his earlier statements.

Mr. Obama has packed the National Labor Relations Board with appointees who clearly favor forced unionization of companies and appointed several in clear violation of the law on presidential appointments. One court already has smacked his patties on this score, putting into legal limbo many decisions already handed down by improperly appointed individuals.

Then add to all this Mr. Obama's end-run on gun control via his proposal to ban some types of AR15 ammunition. He just suggested that he seems to favor mandatory voting and has clearly indicated that not only does he despise the current Israeli Prime Minister, but that he may to force the Israelis into a border adjustment which is clearly not in their interests.

But the President's attitude on the Iran nuke negotiations - no real input from Congress and no vote in the U.S. Senate clearly raises constitutional questions. If Mr. Obama proceeds with a deal which the vast majority of Americans and a vast majority of Congress opposes and then proceeds for some kind of UN approval (bypassing our elected representatives), there is going to be a call either for his impeachment, swift court action, or both.

His supporters will then play the race card, as they always do, saying that opposition to his policies is due to the fact that he's black and have little to do with their substance. This is pure poppycock.

Most American just believe in the rule of law. They don't like what they've been seeing lately on other issues as well. Many think this President is out of control. Some believe he is attempting to "give away the store" by negotiating a deal with Iran which eventually could pave the way to that country getting the means to make a nuclear weapon.

No matter where you find yourself on the political spectrum, understanding the clear implications of a bad deal with the terrorist state of Iran should concern you. There is, already, strong signs that most of the Middle Eastern Arab countries believe that a very bad deal is in the making. Some of them are buying nuclear technology that appears to be the beginning of a nuclear arms race in that region.

The president's ploy - that of attempting to run a "one man show" on what clearly amounts to a deal of treaty proportions, but just not calling it a treaty, isn't going to cut it. Maybe there won't be a call for his impeachment, but merely other legal action to stop him. But it that comes, he will have brought all of this upon himself, acting in many instances lately, as if he has appointed himself as king.

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