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More Reasons Why Iran Deal Is A Potentially A Very Bad Deal
By Jerry E. Clark
March 27, 2015 -

President Obama will be out of office when Iran finally announces that it has nuclear weapons. Our intelligence services already know that Iran has the means to deliver them, for photos of missiles with long range capability already have been published. This is the news that will greet the world if Iran is allowed to continue down its present path.

What the vast majority of Americans do not know is what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu knows - but has hinted at in recent speeches. Mr. Netanyahu has not disclosed classified material because of his fear that such a move would probably end his country's special relationship with the United States as long as the Obama administration is in power. That relationship already is in tatters - for a variety of reasons - but a disclosure of classified material at this particular time would create an unrepairable rift with Obama.

Mr. Netanyahu's general warnings however, probably have done the same thing, but in a far more diplomatic manner. Not only has he warned Congress, but the Europeans and the American public - indeed the world - about the true intentions of the rogue Iranian regime.

With the revelations hitting the press on March 26th, that is, the news about Obama negotiators allegedly willing to agree to allow Iran to have "several hundred certifuges" continuing to operate in a vast, underground and formerly secret facility near Fordo, but supposedly subject to international inspection. The problem with this is that Iran routinely blocks proper inspection at all sensitive sites and routinely ignores the IAEA's demands for explanations of activities suspected activity which could lead to developing nuclear weapons grade material. Allegedly, the Fordo facility activities would only allow for development of material that would be used for isotopes used in medicine, industry or science, but there are many skeptics who disagree. They said that simple changes at Fordo could be made to allow it to enrich uranium which would quickly lead to a bomb.

Mr. Netanyahu knows that 6,000 centrifuges operating in Iran eventually means just one thing: the processed material for a bomb. Iran has repeatedly lied and deceived the Europeans and the U. S. about its nuclear activities. But as it now stands, President Obama believes that achieving a deal with Iran would be a signature achievement for his administration. He believes it's the only path to avoid war.

Netanhayu is right and Obama is wrong. The best way to avoid war is for Iran to agree to dismantle its nuclear processing operations. Very, very tough sanctions might achieve this, but for now, the Obama administration has threatened to veto any such move on the part of Congress.

It looks like the United States and its European partners are on a path to give Iran the right to a nuclear weapon future - even if that time is a decade away. And worst of all, Mr. Obama declares he can do all of this without Senate approval.

That's the worst of all worlds. An anti-Israel foreign policy then would be joined by an apparent pro-Iranian nuke deal. It's difficult to believe that any American president would be going down this path, especially with the history of Iranian-American relations over the course of the past few decades.

It is the path of appeasement even worse than that of Neville Chamberlain in the 1930s with the Hitler regime. That deal allegedly was made to avoid war and we all know how that turned out. The stakes are much higher now due to the incredibly destructive potential of nuclear weaponry.

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