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J. E. Clark

No Hope, No Care, No Future
By Jerry E. Clark
May 28, 2015 -

Think for a moment how you would act if your view of life consisted of no hope, no care for others, and no respect for the future. Would you conduct yourself the same as you do now or do you imagine that you might do more reckless or harmful things because, to be frank, nothing mattered to you?

I submit that these items are what is driving the members of ISIS and other disaffected Muslims worldwide. Whereas the conventional wisdom is that the evils we're seeing perpetrated day after day on a worldwide scale, from kidnappings to murder and from military attacks to beheadings, are functions of a radical Muslim sect - i.e. religiously inspired - it may be the case that these people act the way they do because their view of the future is zero.

You won't be able to find any conceivable justification in the Qur'an for the random killings being conducted by groups like ISIS, Boko Haram and like-minded group. The ability to twist language in any text makes some totally uneducated people more comfortable with heinous behavior, I guess, but the vast majority of Muslims know that some seriously sick and demented individuals with powerful weapons and an ability to recruit via social media channels are perverting their great religion.

It's long past time to put an end to this barbarism, but there does not appear to be any current strategy to achieve this end. When individuals are loaded with military assets and have very rich and powerful backers (as is the case with ISIS), the job becomes extremely tough. That means only a very touch and comprehensive approach will work. Nobody thought that the German SS could be defeated in the late 1930s, but they were wrong. And today's version of that kind of lunacy probably will take a similar approach to be quelled.

Some try to blame Islam for the current outrages. It's better to more closely examine what the real cause is: hopelessness, poverty, no conceivable bright future. Then add to that the foolish, destructive 'geniuses' who form the leadership crew and add millions of dollars of support and you may easily imagine the mess we're all facing today.

No caliphate will be established, nor functioning society with evil as its base. There will just be yet another 20,000-40,000 needless deaths of individuals who've fallen off the intellectual edge and have committed themselves to wanton destruction.

The sooner we face up to the horrible reality that these groups must be systematically taken out with brute force, the sooner we'll feel safer, worldwide.

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