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Jerry E. Clark

Sustained Business Growth: The Key To Prosperity
Thinking Things Over
By Jerry E. Clark
September 9, 2015 -

The American public certainly will get a load of campaign messages in the next 15 months - probably far more than the average person wishes to have.

Those messages will promote economic and political theories which will range all over the political spectrum, from the far left to the far right. I suspect we'll all grow very tired of all of this as we get more of the same from each of the (in my humble opinion) far too many candidates.

Most Americans understand the basics of their world: Their jobs produce income which allows them the freedom to choose among the many benefits this nation offers, from purchasing options (including housing, autos, etc.) and educational choices to making investments in their futures.

So, in short, it all often comes down to money. We've seen some disturbing trends in the past decade which may be developing into permanent trends. One of those is the increasing number of Americans who have stopped looking for jobs and thus, the nation's so-called "labor participation rate" is dropping.

No wonder.

From government mandates on employers to burdensome workmen's compensation and other insurance costs, many American businesses are being pinched. America's small businesses are the creators of the vast majority of American jobs. We'd best pay attention to this "golden goose," lest we find ourselves amongst those no longer working.

When any American who is capable of working either loses his or her job or doesn't get one due to a variety of economic forces (government regulation, incompetence and poor policy) the entire nation loses. We lose productivity, we encounter higher government costs (welfare, support payments of other types, including unemployment compensation, etc) and we virtually hand our nation's competitors an advantage. For if we are not producing more and more goods that consumers want and expect, somebody else will - and often those items come from India, Korea, Japan, or China.

The key to American prosperity is American jobs - good paying jobs. It may be useful also to understand that every dollar the government grabs for itself is another dollar American business doesn't have for additional investment in new plants and equipment, and thus, additional jobs. You won't go shopping for a new home or a new car if you don't have a good job, that is, unless you've just won a lottery prize.

No matter where you find yourself on the political spectrum, you may wish to consider the real source of prosperity and what it means not only for your future but for the future of your children and grandchildren.

More and more government spending does not ensure prosperity - in fact, it may well ensure the exact opposite.

We need to free up American business and encourage it to expand exports and increase productivity in every possible manner. This is the source of a better, stronger America.

So, listen to the candidates and then make your choice with the background being the wealth and prosperity of America as one of your key guides.

Your children and grandchildren will thank you for it.

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