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J. E. Clark

Many Reasons Why Donald Trump Isn't A Serious Presidential Candidate
Thinking Things Over
By Jerry E. Clark
October 18, 2015 -

I used to think that the average Republican Party voter was pretty bright, one who understood how the nation's business is run, respected basic conservative principles and much more. That is no longer the case - in fact, I'm more than a bit worried that sheer desperation instead of logic is sweeping this once commonsense party. Something has gone terribly wrong for GOP polls clearly show that many favor the upstart candidacy of loud mouth, braggadocio Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is actually a Democrat in my view, having supported with huge donations many Democratic candidates including Hilary Clinton once upon a time. He's not a real conservative, lacks any real sense of diplomacy and in short, is basically a name-calling, obnoxious rich guy who admittedly is good on most business deals, but little else.

Let me take a moment to create the long list of reasons why the Republican Party needs to wake up and realize that Donald Trump is not a serious presidential candidate, but is, in fact, a Democratic Trojan Horse.

1) He lacks common sense: grown ups, especially those who seek the nation's highest office, don't waste people's time with name calling and personal insults. But Mr. Trump is a pro at that.

2) He seems not to fully understand history: George W. Bush did not allow 9/11 to happen, a series of missteps by several U. S. leaders and bureaucracies allowed it to happen. He derided the service of Sen. John McCain with ignorant, disrespectful remarks - dumb, irresponsible statements. Also, Mr. Trump needs to bone up on the report of the 911 Commission. But that won't happen: the only books he seems to have read are his own.

3) He apparently doesn't have a good grasp of international relations, other than his oft-repeated insults directed at the Chinese. When asked about various groups in the Middle East and what his positions might be in dealing with them, he recently showed a lack of understanding of those individuals and forces and replied that he'd have "good people" advising him on such matters.

4) He's used the federal bankruptcy court to shaft many investors out of tens of millions, but isn't apologetic about this at all. Those who use commercial bankruptcy as a financial weapon, make no effort at restitution are crooks, not potential world leaders.

5) Mr. Trump is good at one-on-one verbal jousting, but jousting and debating isn't a huge presidential asset. He tends to exaggerate not just his personal talents, but also regularly demeans the strengths of others, often grossly.

6) Mr. Trump's record does not indicate that he's a real conservative. At one time, he supported a health care scheme that mirrored that of Canada. He's spent tens of thousands supporting candidates who were far from conservative - but did so allegedly to protect his personal business interests. That means he's not a person of principle, he's basically a rich influence peddler and a protector of special interests, mainly his own.

7) There is no clear sense that Mr. Trump understands the real needs of the American people. His claim that he'll be the greatest jobs president ever is solely based upon his mistaken belief that if he just gets tough on Mexico and China with respect to trade issues, manufacturing jobs will soar in the United States. But manufacturing growth is a far more complicated issue than merely arguing that tipping one or two trade balances will convince employers to expand their U. S. presence.

8) Trump's initial tax plan will add millions to the roles of zero income tax payers. It will allegedly be paid for by taxes on some specialty fields (like hedge fund people, etc), but does not seem to deal with monumental corporate tax issues that need to be addressed that fundamentally plague American business owners and investors. He's trying to convince relatively poor people that with a wave of his know-it-all hands, he has their best interests at heart. I don't believe it and neither should all of you.

9) Trump's polling negatives are huge, and unless this figure dramatically turns around, it means that a large block of the American public outside of the GOP base doesn't believe in his record, stated policies, or his style.

10) And finally (I could list ten more items easily), Mr. Trump simply is not electable. If he gets the GOP nomination, the GOP will soon find that gaffe after gaffe, and time after time, Trump's personality and lack of class will get the kind of scrutiny that will not end up with him being seen as credible. He's simply got too much baggage to garner the number of independents that are necessary to win the national election.

There are many things I like about Donald Trump, but most of those things don't come close to convincing me that I'd like him to be in the oval office. I worry about his bombastic ways, the way of seems to fly off the cuff so easily, his gross exaggerations and fundamental lack of international political knowledge.

I am among the millions in this country who would not trust the big red button in his hands.

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