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J. E. Clark

Why We're Not Defeating ISIS
Thinking Things Over
By Jerry E. Clark
November 17 , 2015 -

The American public has a warm heart and has enjoyed an open society for a couple hundred years now. We have a very difficult time understanding how some Muslim extremists think and find it incomprehensible that someone would knowingly blow themselves up.

Bernie Sanders would have us believe that the rise of extremism is due to global warming, whilst others believe (rightly so, in my view) that a vast hopelessness, engendered by dictatorial regimes and a large number of radical Imams preaching to Islamic youth that the west is just decadent, unworthy of life, provides the perfect stew for the terrorist mind.

And so it is that our president, whose obvious sympathy for Islamic populations, lacks the perspective to grasp the evil that is so close at hand. Mr. Obama would have us all believe that bringing in tens of thousands of Syrian and other Middle Eastern refugees is the right thing to do, despite the evidence that no good and responsible vetting process exists and no database has been created to assist us in separating the good from the evil. It's just our job to take in thousands of people from a totally foreign culture because their society has failed - at least that's his view.

We have known about the evil of ISIS for a couple of years now and have witnessed the barbarism of its leaders and followers in numerous attacks on civilian populations. We have failed - and I believe - failed miserably, to construct any kind of a serious strategy to deal with this threat. It's not just a religious and military threat, it's a global threat with many tentacles, lone wolf supporters, flush with cash, an array of devices using encryption to conceal communications and one that has the goal of transforming societies in its crosshairs.

There will be no accommodation with ISIS. There is no use in delaying the inevitable. From downed airliners, to suicide bombings of restaurants, theatres, and stadiums, we have a problem that is spreading with each success, a brand that attracts enough demented followers that has the ability to cause the rest of the world untold costs in both blood and money.

When one is faced with such a threat, leadership is needed to deal with it in the most firm manner. President Obama is not that leader. Half measures, politically motivated lack of concentrated effort to disrupt this scourge is today's non-policy. All the while the ISIS movement has gained incredible new strength and has spread across both Syria and Iraq, with its "brand" apparently gaining ground amongst the youthful and mostly Arabic populations which have either emigrated or re-settled in many European countries.

Many Americans don't want to continue to fight in the Middle East. Many Americans have either forgotten or have not fully understood what went on during World War II that caused the death of nearly 60 million people back then. The bottom line is this: lack of strength and a lack of leadership to confront evil dictatorships allowed a build-up of evil the like of which the world had never known. And via delay, those evils spread and expanded until nothing less than a worldwide war could defeat the idiocy.

Our current president will not call Islamic terrorism what it is. This is embarrassing, not just naive. Worse, it's just plain dangerous. Using the Koran and the teachings of thousands of misguided evil Islamic Imams, youthful Arabs are inundated with teachings that cause them to hate those who do not follow the path of their strict version of Islam. This does not mean that all Islamic populations are bad or misguided; it does mean that the most extreme among this population has clearly exited reality and logic. It is this group which must be dealt with in the most serious fashion.

Our current president does not have the capacity to lead the American public in the fight against this evil. From advocating the release of Islamic radicals from Gitmo, to making ridiculous trades of five terrorist for one pitiful American military traitor, it's clear that Mr. Obama is committed to the concept of accommodation, not confrontation. Unfortunately, sometimes confrontation is necessary - especially when you see that time after time, accommodation does not lead to a more peaceful world, but just the opposite.

The current administration has just finished a deal with Iran that virtually guarantees that it will be allowed to acquire a nuclear weapon. It fails to allow the American military to do what is necessary to end the ISIS threat, both in Syria and Iraq, and indeed, the rest of the world.

What we may soon see is the beginning of the end of ISIS however. That's because ISIS has pricked the Russian bear with the downing of a Russian charter jet in Egypt.

Russia's Putin has signaled that this evil act will not go unpunished. France's position is the same after the Paris attacks.

Once again, Obama will attempt to pitifully lead "from behind" on ISIS, but will become only a marginal player in the effort, since other leaders clearly understand that the threat they face no longer may be ignored.

So much for American world leadership.


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