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Jerry E. Clark

Reality Check: Bright Horizon If All Is Implemented...
Thinking Things Over....
By Jerry E. Clark
(Dec. 13, 2016) -

In just a couple of days (December 19th) we'll know for sure if Donald Trump will become our next president. I believe that despite the wailing, moaning, conspiracy promoting actions of many on the left side of the political spectrum, the electoral college will confirm what a majority of states already have done: approved him as our next leader.

Of course, there will be a high level of controversy: that is the nature of our system, especially when conventions are overturned, as they certainly were in the case of this past presidential campaign. Even more conventions will be dispensed with after Mr. Trump formally takes office. There were some abject abuses of power as a result of Mr. Obama's "phone and pen" approach and having them deleted will make good sense, better policy and a better America.

Something which has not been routinely discussed is the fact that Mr. Trump really is not a conservative. Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Ted Cruz and Rick Perry all knew this was true, but the majority of the Republican Party didn't care. They wanted change and they are going to get it. That goes for the VA, EPA, the Labor Department, the Justice Department, the State Department, the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) and the IRS, just to name a few. Good. Americans and American business are being regulated to death in a pile of requirements regularly added to the Federal Register. The EPA has almost been a law unto itself after Congress rejected Obama's approach to climate change and other environmental issues. Obama just used the executive order to get his way.

Trump says he'll cancel most if not all of Obama's executive orders. Good, again.

The public will just Donald Trump's administration in a number of ways, but the chief among them will be how the economy goes. I predict that he is wright on the economy and that we'll see a significant expansion as a result of many pro-growth and pro-business policies and fresh attitudes in his administration.

We've got some very well-educated nitwits running a number of federal agencies and controlling a number of very important federal government functions right now. As they hit the door, a whoosh of fresh air will replace them. Good, again.

Donald Trump will have some serious foreign policy issues with which to deal, not the lease of which will be a troublesome North Korea, an expanding China in the military sphere, a resurgent Russian bear and terror groups like ISIS. It's far more than enough to keep any administration up all night.

I've seen some disturbing trends in our national press corps of late. And I fear that extremist members of the press might result in Trump merely using his Twitter account to make announcements as oppose to using the daily White House briefing process or regular news conferences. This will NOT be a good trend. Trump has received the most negative press of any presidential candidate in modern history and he's not happy about that. That doesn't mean that he should get less scrutiny, but it does mean that it makes sense to double-down on balanced coverage.

Right now, it appears we've got a substantially left-wing press dogging the president-elect and his various nominees. There seems to be an agenda - one based upon the mistaken and misguided policies of the Obama era, as if they had some special status in our history. Well, in my view, they do: some have been so incompetent as to rise to the ridiculous level.

We'll soon see if the Democratic Party will continue down its self-defeating left wing road with the appointment of even more far left officials at the DNC or if it will find time to work with the new administration for the betterment of the entire country. All this begins in mid-January.

The world will be watching.

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