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Soup-er Sunday Committee Thanks Supporters, Volunteers

Nov. 27, 2017

Dear Editor, AlleghanyJournal.com

The first Sunday in November marked the third annual Soup-er Sunday, now named John Hillert Soup-er Sunday, to benefit the Clifton Forge Food Pantry. The event continues to grow and this year saw a 20% increase. The John Hillert Soup-er Sunday Committee was honored to present a check to the Clifton Forge Food Pantry which will be used to purchase more than 13,800 pounds of food. In addition, 140 pounds of non-perishable food was donated on Soup-er Sunday. Debbie West, on behalf of the Clifton Forge Food Pantry, expressed her appreciation and gratitude for the event, saying that this donation is a much needed blessing, especially at this time.

John Hillert Soup-er Sunday could never happen without all of the volunteer chefs, bakers and workers. This year we had 23 chefs and 25 different soups. Each chef made and donated at least three gallons of soup that was sold in 4 ounce samples and in quarts. Fifteen bakers donated about 20 different yummy desserts, of every variety.

The Clifton Forge Fire Department and St. Andrews Episcopal Church graciously loaned tables for soups and desserts. Sunday morning dawned with perfect soup weather, and a dedicated group of volunteers of all ages gathered on the Masonic Amphitheatre grounds to set up tables for soups and desserts. Chefs, bakers, soups and desserts began arriving at noon and by 1 p.m., there was a line from near the Amphitheatre Stage all the way to Church Street to buy soup! The queue of people did not slow until almost 2:30! Many of the soups sold out and the remainder was donated to Hospice.

The John Hillert Soup-er Sunday Committee is indebted to all who volunteered to make this event so special for the Food Pantry. Chefs included Misty at 42 Deli, Ann Wright, Betsy Carter, BFJ (Jerry Meyer), Bill & Mott Atherholt, Michel Galand at Café Michel, Chef Ed McArdle at DSLCC, Kara Caldwell at The Club Car, Dick Deaton, Glen & Kathy Bryant, Martha Atherholt & Wendy Hudler at Jack Mason’s Tavern, Jerry Clark, Judy Clark, Joan Vannorsdall, Johnette Roberts, Laura Rainone, Marcia & Craig Spearman, Martha Crawford, Marty & June Hillert, Brenda Linkenhoker, Tawyna West, Armand West & Debbie West, and Carol Almarez. Bakers included Gayle Hillert, Buddy Carter, Ann Drewry, Adell Pettrey, Sandi Wilson, Jane Newkirk, Debbie Strott, Misty at 42 Deli, Carol Davis, Ann Wright and Donna Simpson. Jerry Meyer (BFJ) supplied his wonderful coffee.

Of course none of this could happen without volunteer servers, ticket sellers, musicians and those who set up and take down. In addition, to the soup chefs, servers from the Food Pantry were Guisseppa Witchy, Nikali West and Donita Franklin. Additional servers were Kate Beirne, Roy Wright, Justin Kreft, Lilly McClung, Brandon Caldwell, Don Roberts, Paul Linkenhoker and Chuck Almarez. Gayle Hillert, June Hillert, David Newkirk and Don Roberts all were very busy selling soup and dessert containers. Janet Spearman worked at the beverage table. Lois Smith, Sandi and Joe Wilson, Adell Pettrey, Buddy Carter, and Donna Simpson helped serve desserts. Don Roberts, Ethan Hillert, Eric Burger, Nikali West, Ron Dowd, Virginia Harlow, Robert Kreft, Tawyna West, Zach Poulin and Jeff Stern all worked to get the tables in place and to clean-up after the event. Wilma McClung organized the music, and we were all treated to the delightful music of David and Henrietta Crandall, Nickie Calhoun and Wilma McClung.

As in past years, Gayle Hillert took care of advertising and Roy Wright made signs and menus for the soups and desserts. Lois Smith brought her Food Service background to the event and together with Janet Spearman, ordered all the containers and paper products needed. And of course, special thanks to Jeff Stern and his amazing staff at The Historic Masonic Theatre for donating the use of the Amphitheatre as well as their time and assistance to this event.

The John Hillert Soup-er Sunday Committee, Lois Smith, Ann Wright, Janet Spearman, Gayle Hillert, Jeff Stern and Johnette Roberts wish to thank all of the volunteers and the entire community for helping us to bring such a remarkable event to our area. Please mark your calendars for the next John Hillert Soup-er Sunday – November 4. 2018.

Thank you,

The John Hillert Soup-er Sunday Committee

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