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Flower Garden at Roxbury and Ridgeway Streets, Adopted and Maintained by Debbie Strott and Friends

Corridor Curb Appeal’s Adopt-A-Spot Program Enhances the Town

Clifton Forge, VA (June 14, 2018) - Vision 2025 Corridor Curb Appeal Committee initiated a new program this year in Clifton Forge called “Adopt-A-Spot”. The program offers volunteers in the community the opportunity to select an intersection, road, garden spot or flower bowls to maintain and/or enhance by planting, weeding, collecting litter and generally improving the appearance of that particular “spot” in Town.

Since the program was announced, several “spots” have been adopted and lovingly maintained by individuals or organizations that have put forth the effort to claim the spots and keep them looking good.

Small signs indicate that the spot has been adopted and who has adopted the spot. Spots that have been adopted and have signs identifying them are: Roxbury and Ridgeway Flower Garden, Debbie Strott and Friends (Clifton Forge Main Street); the Bench at the Intersection of Main Street and Jefferson, Mott and Martha Atherholt; Town Hall Steps Floral Boxes, Twilight Garden Club; Traffic Light at A Street and Main (west side), Main Street Baptist Church; Shrubs and Plants below Scott Hill Wall, Robbie Barber (BCS, Inc); Three Welcome Signs on Verge Street, Main Street and Hardees, Robbie Barber, (BCS, Inc); Entrance into Town off Rt. 606, Robbie Barber, (BCS, Inc); CSX Tunnel Signs on Main Street, Robbie Barber, (BCS, Inc); Commercial Railing, Kenny Putnam; three Flower Bowls on north side of Ridgeway, Jack Mason’s Tavern and Brewery; Triangle at Verge and A Street, Jack Mason’s Tavern.

Several areas in Clifton Forge are still available for adoption: the Flower Bowls on the south side of Ridgeway; the east side of A Street and Main at the traffic signal; the Triangle at Ingalls and Main Street; the Grassy Area in front of Hardee’s, east side; the Keswick Street Bulletin Board; Linden Park under the Park Sign.

Individuals or organizations may nominate any other area not listed as an Adopt-A-Spot location. To adopt a spot in Town, call Public Works Information at 540 863 2517 and request an application or visit the Town’s website at www.cliftonforgeva.gov to download an application. Once an application is received, the Public Works Director will approve the adoption and provide information regarding resources available to assist you in your efforts. After your first maintenance session or once your spot is planted, a sign will be created and installed by the Town, identifying you as the “owner” of the location.

Members of the Vision 2025 Corridor Curb Appeal Committee feel the “Adopt-A-Spot program is designed to make it obvious to visitors and residents alike that we care about our Town and the way it looks. Litter is a pervasive problem in our Town and adopting a spot not only enhances the appearance but adoptive organizations and individuals keep a close eye on all aspects of maintaining the space”.

Church groups, youth groups, service clubs and organizations are encouraged to consider adopting a spot in Clifton Forge and joining the effort to enhance and improve the appearance of the Town.
Landscaped Clifton Forge Wayfinding Sign at Hardee's, Adopted and Maintained by Robbie Barber, BCS, Inc.

Flower Boxes on Clifton Forge Town Hall Steps, Adopted and Maintained by Twilight Garden Club


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