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C&OHS Non-Profit Organization Adds Historic Steel Caboose to Railway Heritage Center Collection

Clifton Forge, VA (Jan. 9, 2019) - Clifton Forge, Va. – The non-profit Chesapeake & Ohio Historical Society (cohs.org) has taken delivery of its latest piece off full-size historic railroad equipment. Throughagenerousandmuchappreciateddonation by CSX Corporation, the Heritage Center has received steel railroad caboose number 903572 that was last based at the Quinnimont, WV terminal of CSX.

The caboose added to the collection was built in 1941 by Magor Car Company in Clifton, NJ as part of an order placed by the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway for new all-steel cabooses. Its original number was 90086 but when it was rebuilt by C&O’s Grand Rapids, Mich. shops in 1969, its number was changed to 3572. Its number was changed again in 1985 to the current 903572. While it is not yet ready for public display or tours, work will begin in the Spring to restore the caboose to its in-service condition, receive new paint, and will then be opened for viewing by the public.

“CSX is honored to partner with The Chesapeake & Ohio Historical Society to find a permanent home for the C&O caboose,” said Robert Rohauer, CSX Community Affairs & Safety Manager. “We are pleased that the caboose will be fully restored and available for the public to enjoy.”

The C&O Railway Heritage Center, where the caboose is now displayed, offers a multi-dimensional railroad heritage experience that tells the story of the C&O Railway from its beginning in 1836 to today’s CSX. The story is told through a variety of historic railroad freight and passenger cars, a C&O steam locomotive, C&O diesel locomotive, railroad buildings, and displays of historic artifacts in the former Smith Creek Yard freight house.

Photos to reference (available by email if not transmitted; more available upon request):

- C&O caboose No. 903572 at C&O Railway Heritage Center in Clifton Forge (DSC08796.JPG & DSC08799.JPG; Clifford Clements photos, 2018)

- C&O caboose No . 903572 at Quinnimont, W . V a. (caboose-1. jpg; RRPictur e Ar chiv e s. net , Nick Keller)

- C&O caboose No. 903572 in active service on the NF&G at Rainelle, W. Va. In May, 1986. (caboose-3.jpg; J. R. Kean photo, C&OHS Collection, COHS 12521)

Contact: Clifford Clements (937) 716-8648 cliffclements512@gmail. com

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The Chesapeake & Ohio Historical Society is a non-profit corporation dedicated to interpreting the American Railway experience using C&O Railway’s history through drawings, documents, and artifacts which the Society collects, preserves, and makes available to as broad an audience as possible.

The Chesapeake & Ohio Historical Society was organized in January 1969 with the first publication of a monthly newsletter, and in 1975 was incorporated as a non-profit eleemosynary organization within the meaning or subparagraph 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


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