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Jackson River Governor’s School Recognizes Top Scholars

Buena Vista, VA (May 29, 2019) - The Jackson River Governor’s School held its annual Academic Achievement Awards Banquet May 29 at Southern Virginia University in Buena Vista.

Six students were chosen as Outstanding Scholars for 2018-19 in eight fields of study.

David P. Donnan, an Alleghany High School student, was named Outstanding Scholar in three areas: Research, Chemistry and Statistics. James River High School students Thomas C. Laughridge and Ethan G. Witt were Outstanding Scholars in Biology and Calculus, respectively. Evan S. Rose, Covington High School, was the Physics Outstanding Scholar, while Isaac Ruano of both Covington and Lord Botetourt High Schools, was named Outstanding Scholar in Pre-Calculus. Jillian C. Brown, a Bath County student, received the top award for Information Technology.

Academic Excellence Awards, for students maintaining a 3.5 GPA or higher, were presented to the following:

Alleghany High School – Tristan A. Brown, Lindsey J. Brown, David P. Donnan, Vanna N. Hoke, Julieanna M. Lara-Vasquez, Bailee S. Leitch, Keely G. Lowman, John B. Mitchel III, and Emily G. Myers.

Bath County High School – Allan L. Kimmel and Hannah L. Pritt

Covington High School – Evan S. Rose and Isaac A. Ruano

James River High School – Christopher I. DeHaven, Daniel E. Holter, Tessa N. Jones, Thomas C. Laughridge, Krista S. Ronk and Ethan G. Whitt

Parry McCluer High School – Maia E.Baldridge and Holden G. Kerr

Academic Achievement Awards, for students maintaining a 3.0 to 3.499 GPA, were presented to the following:

Alleghany High school: Derek J. Benoit, Wynter R. Hannah-Howard, Jordan I. McPeek, Logan G. Robinson, Maggie R. Thompson

Bath County High School – Jillian C. Brown, Ella C. Deboe, Kennedi K. Essex, Stephanie A. Gardener

James River High School – Owen A. Krisnitski

Parry McCluer High School – Jacob D. Zimmerman

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Dabney S. Lancaster Community College partners with local school divisions and the Virginia Department of Education to operate the Governor’s School. Its purpose is to provide challenging educational experiences for students with advanced interests and abilities in mathematics, science, and technology. High school students can earn forty college credits during their junior and senior years at JRGS and gain a prestigious credential which provides an advantage in the very competitive college application/selection process and in scholarship applications. Students from Alleghany, Bath County, Covington, James River, and Parry McCluer High Schools are eligible to attend.

For more information about the JRGS, contact Director Eddie Graham at (540) 863-2872 or email egraham@dslcc.edu.

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