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Alleghany COVID-19 Recover, Redesign, and Restart 2020
ACPS Return to School Plan‚Ä®

Low Moor, VA (July 21, 2020) - Alleghany County Public Schools (ACPS) is looking forward to welcoming students back to school with the understanding and realization that it is paramount to provide a healthy and safe environment for teaching and learning.  Currently, Virginia is in Phase III of re-opening, which allows for regulated, in-person instruction.  Recognizing that in-person instruction is the most effective instructional method for the majority of students, ACPS is committed to bringing students back for in-person instruction while adhering to all safety guidelines provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Virginia Health Department (VDH), which are the organizations working in cooperation with the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) and Governor Northam.

Please be reminded that Virginia is in Phase III of re-opening. This means that in-person instruction may be offered for all students; however, health mitigation strategies will impact operations and capacity limits since physical distancing is needed. Right now, schools are to aim for six feet of physical distance which requires a multifaceted instructional approach.

How will ACPS achieve in-person instruction with the limited capacity thresholds mandated in Phase III?  In May, ACPS formed the Future of Learning and Education Crew (FLEC) to tackle the re-opening of schools from instruction to safety to health to transportation to meal service and more.  This 35 member team, consisting of students, teachers, administrators, parents, community partners, and counselors, has met regularly throughout the summer to develop a plan to bring students safely back to school.  This hybrid/blended instructional learning plan, as recommended by FLEC, was presented to and approved by the ACPS School Board on Monday, July 20, 2020. The instructional plan, along with various supplementary materials, is available on the home page of the ACPS division website located at: http://www.alleghany.k12.va.us/. 
 ACPS has made the commitment to stay well-informed on matters pertaining to COVID-19 at the local, state, and federal levels and to respond and act accordingly based on official guidance.  In light of this, ACPS understands that a re-opening plan must be fluid and dynamic.  As guidance continues to evolve with COVID related conditions, ACPS and FLEC will continue to convene and strategize to develop alternative instructional models as needed. Again, please visit the ACPS division webpage for additional information.

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