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Mohler Letter To Two CF Councilmen Spells Out Concerns
The Two Receiving The Email Were Former Strong Supporters Of Darlene Burcham

Wed., November 4, 2020

From: Rebecca Mohler

Sent: Wednesday, November 4, 2020 5:00:52 PM

To: Ronald Goings ; David Oeltjen

Subject: Reba Mohler

"I have attached my resignation letter. I appreciate that you have entrusted me with such a great responsibility and I truly intended to stay in Clifton Forge, however, the divisiveness that exists makes it difficult to live and work in this community.

"I was informed within three days of my employment and often since that time, that should the election go a certain way, my employment would be terminated immediately with no consideration of my qualifications, my performance, or the tremendous financial devastation which would be suffered by my family as a result of my detrimental reliance on the contractual negotiations having been in good faith.

"My husband and I have a close family unit and my income is critical to assisting our sons with the expenses related to their education. I do not feel it is prudent to continue to risk their futures on political posturing of which I have no control. It was not fair to me or to my family to be used as pawns in an election. Therefore, the responsible thing for me to do was to seek stable employment that had no reliance on political whims."

Reba Mohler

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The attached letter reads as follows:

Dear Council,

Please be advised that I wish to execute Section 10 C of the Town Manager of Clifton Forge Employment Agreement. I am giving written notice thirty days prior to the effective date of my resignation. I am hereby requesting waiver of any and all of the notice requirement. Should you desire to waive the notice, may last day of employment with the Town of Clifton Forge shall be November 15, 2020.

There are some truly fine people who live and work in the area. I have appreciated the opportunity to get to know these individuals. I am thankful for the support you have given to me and wish God’s blessings on Clifton Forge.


Reba Mohler

(Editor's note: as a bit of background - earlier this year, after former town manager Darlene Burcham's contract was not renewed by the town council, a number of candidates for the town council indicated privately to supporters that if elected, they would vote to rehire Burcham. Both Mr. Oeltjen (not re-elected) and Mr. Goings supported Burcham. Mr. Wolfe (newly-elected) also was a supporter of Burcham. After the most recent election, therefore, only two of five council members appear to have had the position of rehiring Burcham. The other three are the same three who decided to take the town in another direction by hiring a new town manager.)

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