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Alleghany County Public Schools Extend 100% Virtual Classes

Low Moor, VA (Dec. 31, 2020) - Alleghany County Public Schools (ACPS), along with other districts in Southwest Virginia, continue to deal with the rising increase in COVID-19 cases relevant to the holiday season. ACPS has been working diligently to provide a safe and effective learning environment for our staff and students.

Because of increased cases and out of safety and supported guidance from the Virginia Department of Health, ACPS will extend operation of all schools on a 100% virtual/remote learning schedule for one additional week, January 4 through January 8, 2021. Schools will now tentatively resume in-person instruction on the established hybrid/blended learning plan on Monday, January 11. Again, no students will attend school in person, as ALL learning will be done 100% virtually/remotely. Parents may continue to monitor student progress by accessing their PowerSchool accounts, as has been the practice.

Over the next week, ACPS will also be revisiting our current participation in athletics, as to determine future steps for our student athletes. We acknowledge that our area continues to experience high COVID-19 cases; therefore, we will review our daily operations in regards to health mitigation strategies, Phase III guidance provided by the Virginia High School League, and the Governor’s executive orders regarding spectators and our ACPS return to play guidelines.

During the remote learning period, all schools will continue to be extensively cleaned.  Food service will continue during the 100% remote learning period.  Grab-n-go meals will be provided to all children age 18 and under at various locations on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, January 4 through January 8, 2021. All schools will have meals (2 unitized breakfasts and lunches) available for pick up on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 9am-1pm. Meal service will operate on the school calendar schedule.  Meals will not be provided on inclement weather days or closures due to emergency.  If you have any questions about the meal program, please call Debra Buckner at 540-863-1812. The meal delivery schedule is listed below:

Alleghany County Public Schools

100% Virtual Meal Service

Grab-n-go meals will be provided to all children age 18 and under at the following locations on Monday, Wednesday and Friday when school division is operating on 100% virtual schedule. Each child will receive 2 unitized meals (breakfast and lunch). If children aren’t present, name of parent/guardian and all children receiving meals must be provided.

Boiling Spring Area                    Arrival Time

Persinger Memorial United Methodist Church     11:00am

Boiling Spring Elementary School               11:30am

Lone Star Baptist Church                    12:00pm

Pinnell Chapel United Methodist Church          12:30pm

Callaghan Area                         Arrival Time

Alleghany County Social Services Department     11:00am

Dunlap Fire & Rescue Department               11:40am

Cole Amusement Company               12:10pm

Clifton Forge Area-East                    Arrival Time

Mountain View Apartments               11:00am

Cliftondale Court (Nicholas Mobile Home Court)     11:30am

Alleghany Campground & Mobile Home Court     12:00pm

Douthat Road Mobile Home Court               12:30pm

Buckhorne Campground                    1:00pm

Clifton Forge Area-West                    Arrival Time

East Coast Gas Station                    11:00am

Central United Methodist Church               11:30am

Victory Baptist Church (Former Save-A-Lot)     12:00pm

Linden Park                         12:30pm

Covington Area #1                    Arrival Time

Mallow Mall                         11:00am

Mallow Presbyterian Church               11:30am

Faith Baptist Church                    12:00pm

Covington Area #2                    Arrival Time

Dolly Ann Apartments                    11:00am

McAllister Church                    11:30am

Falling Springs Area                    Arrival Time

Falling Spring Elementary School               11:00am

Falling Spring Fire & Rescue Department          11:30am

Iron Gate-Selma-Low Moor               Arrival Time

School Board Office                    11:00am

Selma Fire & Rescue Department               11:30am

Iron Gate Fire Department                    12:05pm

Rich Patch Area                         Arrival Time

Rich Patch Union Church                    11:00am

Boiling Spring Fire & Rescue Station #2          11:35am

Sharon Area                         Arrival Time

Sharon Fire Department                    11:00am

Lone Star Advent Church                    11:30am

Central Advent Church                    12:00pm

All schools will have meals available for pick up between 9am-1pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday (2 unitized breakfasts & lunches). Meal service will operate on the school calendar schedule. Meals will not be provided on inclement weather days or closures due to emergency. If you have any questions about the program, please call Debra Buckner at 540-863-1812.


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