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Committee On Joint School Services Releases Update (11_13_20)

Low Moor, VA (Nov. 13, 2020) - The following is the full text of a news release the Journal received on Friday, Nov. 13, 2020 from the executive committee of the Committee on Joint School Services (aka school consolidation committee.)

"It's been just over two months since our local governing bodies and their school boards passed resolutions pertaining to the consolidation of Alleghany County and Covington City school divisions. Since then, we've been preparing to take our proposal to the Board of Education for it's first reading – slated to be November 19. While the Board will need to review the proposal twice before it can be approved, we're confident that the hard work from everyone involved will ensure a smooth approval process.

"Most of us would admit that working with state-level government agencies isn't always the easiest process, but we're happy to report the folks at the Board have been very helpful and seem to have genuinely taken an interest in helping make sure everything is in place to give a new school division in the Alleghany Highlands a wonderful start.

"Our local folks have continued to meet on regular schedules. An executive subcommittee was formed after the passing of the four resolutions to work together and work through any issues as mentioned in the resolutions. The executive committee is made up of the four executives from the city and county, the board chairs and the mayor. The executive committee meets weekly to oversee the process and help decide some of the topics that need to be discussed by the various subcommittees as well as the Joint Services Committee as a whole. "Currently the Finance Subcommittee is concerned primarily with gathering data on transitional costs. This information will be used to prioritize expenses and get them taken care of in the most efficient way possible. The Athletic Subcommittee has had some discussions about what a consolidated athletic program will look like. Topics ranging from which current VHSL district the new system would compete in to how best to integrate alumni and community organizations have been covered.

"The Curriculum Subcommittee has also restarted its meeting schedule and has so far been tasked with compiling a comprehensive list of courses and programs currently offered – both in-person and virtually. This list will be used to help plan the blending of the two systems academically as well as give a proper foundation for projecting what additional educational opportunities might exist once student bodies are joined. While this task is fairly straightforward, it is certainly the most important aspect of any school planning. Providing the best education possible for every child in the Alleghany Highlands has been and continues to be our most important goal.

"As always, feel free to contact any of the Joint School Services Committee members should you have questions or concerns."


Joint School Services Executive Committee

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