Local Videos

· Staunton Helps Organize Blood Drive; Plans To Attend VT Orientation

· Alleghany Highlands Community Services: Reach Out To Us!

· VFW Post 4299 New Officer Installation Held

· Consultants Answer Important CF Dam-Related Questions

· JournalTV News for Friday, June 15, 2018

· Highlands Community Bank Adds New Branch In Hot Springs/Mitchelltown

· Muterspaugh, Craft Sing "America The Beautiful"

· American Flag History Given At Special Flag Day Ceremony, 6/14/18

· Clifton Forge Town Council Members Make Public Comments (6_12_18)

· Another Visit To Nearby Falling Spring

· JournalTV News for Wednesday, June 13, 2018

· Howard Discusses Dam Repair Costs With Clifton Forge Council

· Burcham Sets Stage For Dam Presentation

· Douglas Reports To Covington City Council (June 12, 2018)

· Covington City Council Selects Jones, Hunter For School Board Positions

· Covington City Council Gets Financial Report From Bryant

· Pastor Moore Provides Covington City Council Invocation (6/12/2018)

· Cindy Bennett Reacts To Covington City Council School Board Vote

· Spangler Updates JRTC Joint Board Of Control On Several Items

· Clifton Forge Parks & Trails Committee Discusses Bike Lane Proposal, Other Issues

· Covington School Board Issues Several Student Recognitions

· Rob Bennett Talks About Jeter Watson School

· JournalTV News for Monday, June 11, 2018

· Brunty Details Kendal At Lexington Services

· Pooley Talks About Natural Bridge State Park

· Carilion Stonewall Jackson Hospital's Services Noted...

· Shenandoah Valley Health & Rehab Explains Services To The Journal

· JournalTV News for Friday, June 8, 2018

· Alleghany County Holds Hearing On New, $60 Annual Refuse Fee

· VDOT 6 Year Plan Approved By Alleghany Supervisors

· Covington Superintendent Discusses List Of Future Projects...

· Covington Superintendent, School Board Chair Talk About Budget (6/7/2018)

· Covington School Board Passes Budget With $150,000 In Cuts Made

· Moment Of Silence Held For Daughterty Family

· Alleghany Highlands Chamber Of Commerce Neat Activities Coming Up!

· Covington City Council Work Session: Dressler Praises Recreation's Economic Impact

· Alleghany Supervisors Make Public Comments

· Radio Tower Leases Approved By Alleghany Supervisors

· JournalTV for Wednesday, June 6, 2018

· JournalTV: Informing All Of You...

· Lanford Reports To Alleghany County Supervisors

· Betty Graves Seeks Covington School Board Seat

· Erica Hunter Interviewed By Covington City Council

· Tonya Jones Seeks Covington School Board Seat

· Ron Leitchter Seeks Covington School Board Seat

· Cindy Bennett Interviewed By Covington City Council

· Kids Enjoy Themselves At AHRL Petting Zoo Event

· Library Director Talks About Petting Zoo, Upcoming "Animal Encounters" Activity

· Traveling Petting Zoo Owner Delights AHR Library Children

· JournalTV News for Monday, June 4, 2018

· JournalTV Interviews A Few Of the Lumberjacks!

· Quilts Of Valor Awarded To Three Local Veterans

· 2018 Bath County High School Seniors Get Their Diplomas

· Ashlyn Liptrap Gives Valedictory Address At 2018 Bath County Graduation Ceremonies

· Nevada Kershner Gives 2018 Bath County High School Salutatory Address

· Green Pastures Remembered (Part 2 of 2): Masonic Theatre, June 2, 2018

· Green Pastures Remembered (Part 1 of 2): Masonic Theatre, June 2, 2018

· JournalTV News For June 1, 2018

· Alleghany Co. Sheriff's Office Seeks Information On Two Local Cases

· Gayle Hillert Talks About Heritage Day: Many Special Features Noted

· Ann Erskine Tells Council That Theft Of Flags Was Disrespectful, Disgraceful

· Iron Gate Mayor Reacts To Crawford Resignation Letter

· Alleghany Insurance Services Expands Its Insurance Options

· JRTC Board Chair Urges Parents, Students To Consider Technical Education

· JRTC Hires Two New Instructors

· Alleghany Insurance Services: A Big Expansion In Services Here

· Lumberjack's Head Coach Upbeat About Coming Baseball Season

· JournalTV News for Wednesday, May 30, 2018

· Covington School Board Approves Two Field Trips (May 29, 2018)

· Covington School Board Looks To Close $150,000 Budget Gap

· VFW Post 1033 Honors Highlands Veterans At Memorial Day Ceremony, 5/28/18

· Granbery Mem. United Methodist Church Choir Performs "The Battle Hymn Of The Republic"

· Granbery Mem. United Methodist Church Choir Performs "My Country Tis Of Thee"

· Lollie's Quilt Shop Prepares To Open In Clifton Forge

· Service Anthem Medley Performed In Covington, Virginia

· Covington, Virginia Memorial Day Parade Held May 28, 2018

· Durant Road Bridge In Covington Renamed For Gary Lee Miller

· JournalTV News for Monday, May 28, 2018

· Lockhart Tells JournalTV About The Night Gary Lee Miller Saved Him In 1969

· VFW Post 4299 Holds Clifton Forge Memorial Day Ceremony

· 2018 Covington High School Graduation _ Slideshow 2 of 2, 5/25/2018

· 2018 Covington High School Graduation _ Slideshow 1 of 2, 5/25/2018

· 2018 Covington High School Class Receives Diplomas

· Several Special Awards Presented At 2018 CHS Graduation Event

· Allison Bush Named 2018 Covington High School Salutatorian

· Crowd Sings Covington High School Alma Mater At Curfman Hall, 5/25/2018

· Valedictorian Kendall Staunton Addresses Her Fellow Classmates

· 17 Covington High School Graduates Talk About Their Future Plans

· JournalTV for Friday, May 25, 2018

· Truett Gives Alleghany County School Board Maintenance Update; Wright Notes AHS Problems

· VDOT's Susan Hammond Explains "Bluff Project" For Covington Residents

· Heritage Day Is June 2, 2018 In Clifton Forge

· VDOT Hearing Held On Covington "Bluff" Project

· Regional Special Education Project Being Examined

· Mutispaugh Tells School Board About New JRTC, Middle School Classes

· Seven Period Day Proposed For Clifton Middle School

· Alleman Announces Chromebook Arrival; Has Solution For Email Problem

· JournalTV News for Wed., May 23, 2018

· Clifton Forge Citizen Bill Vickery Asks You To Adopt "Candy"

· Clifton Forge Town Council Comments For May 22, 2018 Noted

· Burcham Makes Public Comments, 5/22/18

· Covington Council Cuts School Board $150K, Makes Other Budget Adjustments

· Nonette Cosgrove Retiring After 28 Years At Jackson River Technical Center

· Alleghany Regional Jail Administrator Talks About Budget Challenges

· Alleghany County School Board Members Make Public Comments, 5/21/2018

· Jacob Wright Informs County School Board About Welding Competition Irregularities

· Umstead Asks For, Receives School Board Support For Better Teacher Salaries

· JournalTV News for Monday, May 21, 2018

· Senior Members Of AHS Band Play Star Spangled Banner

· Joseph Mayes Jr. Gives AHS 2018 Salutatorian Address

· Alleghany County School Board Chairman Relates A Story To 2018 AHS Graduates

· Superintendent Kotulka Addresses AHS Graduates, 5/18/2018

· Margaret Donnan Gives AHS Valedictory Address, 5/18/2018

· JournalTV News for Friday, May 18, 2018

· Alleghany County Administrator Lanford Explains Trash Fee, Budget Challenges

· Josh Rucker Speaks At Gauntlet Awards Ceremony

· Mays Speaks At Gauntlet Awards Ceremony

· Akridge, Other Economic Development Executives Speak At Gauntlet Awards Ceremony

· Hershey Explains State Farm's Commitment To Gauntlet, Talks About Entrepreneurship

· Akridge Speaks To JournalTV About Gauntlet Awards, 5_17_18

· Cara Major Talks About Bath Community Hospital's Expansion, Employment Opportunities

· ComfortCare Women's Health Executive Explains Her Agency's Goals, Services

· Bob St Clair Talks About Late Wife's Floral Design Achievements, Notes AHRL Display

· Kim Anderson, Jana Williamson Talk About Job Opportunities With Hearing Healthcare Of Virginia

· Abby Rowsey Explains Positions Available With People Link Organization

· Betty Lowen Talks To JournalTV About Dept. Of Social Services Job Opportunities

· Samantha Meade Details Job Opportunities At Salem Health & Rehabilitation Center

· Becky Crawford Talks About Richfield And Job Opportunities

· Cathy Lynn Details Job Opportunities At White's Truck Stop, Lee-Hi Travel Plaza

· BB&T: More Than 40,000 Employees Nationwide

· Angie Lucas Speaks With JournalTV About LewisGale Regional Health System Employment Opportunities

· Heather Falls Talks About Job Opportunities At Farm Family, An American National Company

· Jonathan Cale Talks About Jobs Available At The Covington Food Lion Store

· Carilion Recruitment Specialist Jill Lusher Talks About Her Company Jobs And How To Apply

· Jennifer Dudley Explains What Family Preservation Services Does

· JournalTV News for Wed., May 16, 2018

· Alleghany County Public Schools Highlights Job Opportunities At Career Fair

· Iron Gate Town Council Approves Measure To Allow Quit Claim Deed

· Madsen Welcomes Chamber-AHEDC Business Appreciation Event Attendees

· Big DSLCC Job Fair Set Wednesday, May 16, 2018

· Page Terry, DSLCC Class Of 2018, Addresses Commencement Crowd

· Morgan Thanks Unroe, YMCA For Innovative 2nd Grade Swim Program

· Covington School Board Issues Awards, Recognitions At May 14, 2018 Meeting

· Clemons Motion Successful On Additional CHS Asbestos Removal

· JournalTV NEWS for Monday, May 14, 2018

· Reyns Sings National Anthem At 2018 DSLCC Graduation Exercises

· Mathias Duo Performs DSLCC Alma Mater

· DSLCC President Speaks To 2018 Graduates, May 11, 2018

· 2018 Bath County High School Pre Prom Slideshow

· John Stone Is Recipient Of Distinguished Alumni Award At DSLCC

· 2018 Bath County Prom Arrivals Noted

· Bike Rodeo Organizers Issue Orders Of The Day, Thanks To Sponsors

· Several Individuals, Families Honored At Bike Rodeo

· Dressler, Fisher Talk About Bike Rodeo Event

· Douglas Explains $8 Per Month Trash Hike Is Proposed For Covington

· Covington City Manager Explains Reasons For Proposed Real Estate Tax Hike

· JRTC Holds Student Awards Ceremony, 5/11/2018 (2-2)

· JRTC Holds Student Awards Ceremony, 5/11/2018 (1-2)

· JournalTV NEWS for Friday, May 11, 2018

· Demma Addresses 2018 DSLCC Nursing Class

· Rainone Addresses Practical Nursing Grads At 2018 Capping & Pinning Ceremony

· DSLCC's Dr. Ben Worth Issues Thanks, Congratulates Practical Nursing Students

· Burcham Reports To Town Council, May 8, 2018

· Clifton Forge Town Council Comments, May 8, 2018

· Devon Nicely Speaks To 2018 DSLCC Practical Nursing Class

· Anna Moore, DSLCC 2018 Practice Nursing Class President, Addresses Capping & Pinning Audience

· JournalTV NEWS for Wednesday, May 9, 2018

· Douglas Reports To Covington Council On Several Issues

· Douglas Gives Covington Council Lumos Contract Explanation

· CF Farmers Market Starts June 14th; Held On Thursdays This Year

· Audience, Town Council Exchange Views On Meals Tax, Budgetary Issues

· Sarah Maydian Speaks To The Clifton Forge Town Council On Proposed Meals Tax Hike

· Misty Gallahan Addresses Proposed Meals Tax Hike At Clifton Forge Town Council Meeting

· Hudler Addresses Proposed Clifton Forge Meals Tax Hike

· Hundley Addresses CF Town Council On Meal Tax Hike Idea

· Lethia Hammond Speaks To Clifton Forge Town Council On Meals Tax

· Regional Planner Bryan Hill Speaks To Covington Council On Smart Scale Projects

· Douglas Proposes 8 Cent Real Estate Tax Hike For Covington (May 8, 2018)

· JRTC Board Approves Budget, Calendar, Personnel For Next Fiscal Year

· Spangler Updates JRTC Joint Board Of Control On Year-End Activities

· Covington Movies 3 Getting Big Time Seating, Other Improvements

· Alleghany Health & Rehab Sets Cornhole Tournament, Other Events

· JournalTV News For Monday, May 7, 2018

· Allegheny Mountain String Project Performs For May Faire Crowd (4-4)

· Allegheny Mountain Strings Project Performs At May Faire Event (3-4)

· Allegheny Mountain Strings Project Performs At May Faire Event (2)

· Allegheny Mountain String Project Performs At CFSOTA Event

· Jaime McArdle Talks to JournalTV About Allegheny Mountain String Project

· Ron Flicker: Houses For Bluebirds Is His Business

·'s Lucia Owens Talks To The Journal

· Bill Staines: JournalTV Interviews Folk Musician, 5/5/18

· Bill Staines Performs "Child Of Mine", 5/5/18

· Bill Staines Performs "River", 5/5/18

· Bill Staines Performs "Wild, Wild Heart", 5/8/18

· Bill Staines Performs "Piney River Girl", 5/8/18

· Bill Staines Performs "Savannah", 5/8/18

· Bill Staines Performs "Rodeo Rose", 5/5/18

· Bill Staines Performs "Crossing The Waters", 5/5/18

· May Faire Event At CFSOTA, May 5, 2018

· CFSOTA Brass Ensemble Plays

· Cyndy Littleton Talks About Pottery & More At CFSOTA May Faire Event

· Kristie Paxton's Peacock Soap Company On Display At May Faire Event

· CFSOTA Brass Ensemble Entertains At May Faire Event

· Kern Seeks Seat On Alleghany County School Board

· JournalTV News for Friday, May 4, 2018

· 22nd Annual Bike Rodeo Rescheduled To May 12, 2018

· 2018 National Day Of Prayer Service Held In Clifton Forge (2-2)

· 2018 National Day Of Prayer Service Held In Clifton Forge (1-2)

· Halsey Seeks Alleghany County School Board Seat

· Paul Obaugh Ford May Specials

· JournalTV for Wednesday, May 2, 2018

· Westgate Resident Complains About Neighbor's Fence, Decries Lack of Ordinance

· Hammond Updates Alleghany Supervisors On Projects (May 1, 2018)

· Alleghany County Supervisors To Seek Alleghany Foundation Funding For School Resource Officers

· Tucker Speaks To Alleghany County Supervisors; Seeks Reappointment

· Jennifer Seckner Speaks To Alleghany County Supervisors

· Lanford Reports To Supervisors, May 1, 2018

· Neil Houff Addresses Open House Crowd In Clifton Forge - Questions (2-2)

· Neil Houff Addresses Open House Crowd In Clifton Forge (1-2)

· Johnny Kern: Soon To Celebrate 60 Years Of Barbering Here

· 2018 AHS Grand March Slideshow

· Alleghany High School Grand March, April 28, 2018 (2-2)

· Alleghany High School Grand March, April 28, 2018 (1-2)

· JournalTV's Skycam "Julia" Makes 2nd Test Flight, April 28, 2018

· WalMart In Covington Is Additional "Drug Take Back Day" Site

· "Drug Take Back Day" Program At CF Kroger, Covington WalMart, April 28, 2018

· JournalTV for Friday, April 27, 2018

· CPA To Instruct Local Employers How To Benefit From FWOTC

· AHEDC'S Akridge Talks About $600,000 EPA Grant

· Clifton Forge Police, JournalTV Collaborate On Robbery Information; Suspect Apprehended In Kentucky

· Hull's Drive-In: Another Great Season Planned

· Iron Gate Citizens Make Public Comments, April 26, 2018

· Unroe Reports To Iron Gate Town Council, April 26, 2018

· Town Of Iron Gate Supports Bike Rodeo With Nice Donation

· JournalTV for Wed., April 25, 2018

· Clifton Forge Town Council Comments For April 24, 2018

· Hammond Asks Town Council For Street Closure, CF Police Dept. Assistance For Gran Fondo

· CFRS Building Plans Detailed At Town Council Meeting

· CF Police Chief Barry Balser Reports To Town Council

· Burcham Reports To Clifton Forge Town Council, April 24, 2018

· Mott Atherholt Details Heritage Day Activities

· Former Clifton Forge Stop-In Store/Shell Station Robbed April 21, 2018

· Elizabeth Catte Speaks At Clifton Forge Public Library (2-2)

· Elizabeth Catte Speaks At Clifton Forge Public Library (1-2)

· JournalTV for Monday, April 23, 2018

· Barnes Talks To JournalTV About B. C. Williams Memorial Book Collection

· JournalTV's Initial Drone Test, April 22, 2018

· 2018 Covington High School Grand March Held April 21, 2018 At Curfman Hall

· Tanguay Speaks With The Journal At Kids Fishing Day

· Kids' Fishing Day Near Boys' Home Set Sat., April 21, 2018

· Former Stop-In In Clifton Forge Robbed April 21, 2018

· Congressman Griffith Speaks on House Floor About Opioid Crisis

· Kids' Fishing Day Near Boys' Home Set Sat., April 21, 2018

· Two Highlands Proponents Get Specific About Area Assets, Efforts

· JournalTV for Wednesday, April 18, 2018

· Jerry Hostetter Donates Flag Pole To The Town Of Iron Gate

· Mutispaugh Reports On Alleghany School Division's "ADM"

· Alleghany Foundation's Donnan Talks About Summit's Results

· Vision 2025 Groups Summarize Community Priorities

· Rhodes Explains Key Concepts In Community Development, Urges Support For Local Institutions

· Madsen Welcomes Vision 2025 Community Summit Crowd, Thanks Volunteers

· Alleghany County School Board Member Comments, 4/16/2018

· JournalTV for Monday, April 16, 2018

· Annual High School Art Competition Now On Display At AHACC

· Covington City Council On New EMS, 120 Day Plan: Questions & Answers (Part 2)

· Covington City Council On New EMS, 120 Day Plan: Questions & Answers

· Alleghany Health & Rehab Sets April 19 Spring Open House

· Nicely, Buchanan Remember The Old Days At The Park

· Darrin Nicely Family Throws Out First Pitches

· Clifton Forge Little League Officials Announced

· Clifton Forge Little League Teams Introduced

· Covington City Council: Questions And Answers About New EMS Proposal

· Covington City Council Adopts EMS Plan For Next 120 Days

· JournalTV for Friday, April 13, 2018

· Barbara Kolb: JRGS Research Instructor Praises Class, Projects

· Brandon Caldwell: JRGS Science Fair Project Examined Reaction Times & Video Games

· Lindsay Brown's JRGS Science Fair Project: The Effect Of Concentration And Short Term Memory

· Olivia Bryant: JRGS Science Project Deals With Efffect Of Artificial Sugar Levels

· Tristan Brown: Science Fair Project Was History of Science Website Creation

· Dereck Benoit: Research Project Indicates The Beneficial Aspect Of Water

· Brianna Baldwin's JRGS Science Fair Project: How Dogs React To Different Stimuli

· Vanna Hoke's JRGS Science Fair Project: Multitasking And Efficiency

· Kaylie Hampton's JRGS Science Project: Vision Impairment And Optical Illusions

· Sophie Dryden's Science Fair Project: Do Dogs Have A Dominant Paw?

· Ian DeHaven: JRGS Science Project Was "Turning Down The Heat"

· DIG Wants To Build Hotel; Seeks Additional Investors

· Ethan Whitt's JRGS Science Fair Project: An Examination Of "Reverse Speech"

· Curry Photography's Owner Speaks With JournalTV

· Logan Robertson: Science Fair Project involves Sleep & Immunity

· Emily Myers Examines Dance Style And Heart Rate With JRGS Science Fair Project

· Jordan McPeek: JRGS Project Is "How Ancient Philosophers Interacted"

· Madison Noel: JRGS Science Fair Project Is "Can You Train Your Brain?"

· Gabbi Reed Speaks With JournalTV About Her JRGS Science Fair Project

· Caitlyn Tierney: Science Fair Project Called "Sonic Seasoning"

· Melissa Howdershelt Tests Paper Towel Brands As JRGS Science Fair Project

· Courtney Hubbard Examines Sharpie Stain Removal Options

· Allan Kimmel Examines Violin Technique In Science Fair Project

· Bailee Leitch: Orange Juice May Be Better Than Gatorade

· Graham Talks About Jackson River Governor's School, Science Fair

· Emma Marshall: Project Involved Temperature & Food Taste

* * *