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Alleghany Highlands School Board Personel Actions (9-12-22)

Low Moor, VA (Sept. 13, 2022) - At the conclusion of closed session on Monday, September 12, 2022 the School Board took the following personnel action:

The School Board approved the appointments of Eric D. Tyree as Director of Maintenance and Transportation; Debra P. Buckner as Division Cafeteria Supervisor; and Deshawn D. Wooding as Mental Health Counselor. Also approved was Nicholas D. Humphreys as Teacher Assistant at Covington High School. Stephanie A. Brookman and Eryn M. Rickman both approved as Teacher Assistants/SPED at Jeter-Watson Elementary School. The School Board also approved Jon D. Little as Social Studies Teacher; Marilyn S. Zeitfuss as Teacher Assistant; and Linda D. Gadd as Full Time Bus Driver, all at Clifton Middle School. Mark S. Kelly was approved as Full Time Bus Driver; and Cathy C. Leitch as Temporary Part Time Secretary, both at the Bus Garage.

In Extra-Curricular activities the School Board approved Dalton D. Esque as Volunteer Assistant Football Coach; Adrienne D. Young as Volunteer One-Act Play Assistant; Nathaniel S. Hale as Volunteer Basketball Assistant Coach; and Cameron S. Hyler as Volunteer Wrestling Assistant Coach, all at Alleghany High School. Also approved were Shannon L. Fogus as Yearbook Sponsor; Keith A. Morris as Varsity Softball Assistant Coach; Tony L. Taylor as Varsity Softball Head Coach; and Jessica L. Hensley as Head Soccer Coach, all at Covington High School. The School Board also approved Charles D. Leitch as Assistant Athletic Director at Clifton Middle School.

The School Board accepted the resignations of Kathy W. Murray, Part Time Food Services Worker at Jeter-Watson Elementary School; Lisa A. Layman, Health and Physical Education Teacher at Alleghany High School; Amanda M. LaPrade, Teacher Assistant/SPED at Covington High School; and Charles S. Arrington, Part Time Custodian at Callaghan Elementary School.

The School Board accepted the retirements of Glenn M. Spangler, Director at Jackson River Technical Center, effective June 30, 2023; Mary D. Tyree, Health and Physical Education/Varsity Volleyball Head Coach at Covington High School, effective December 31, 2022; Cynthia D. Crowder, Teacher Assistant/SPED at Callaghan Elementary School, effective December 31, 2022; and Darlene M. Brown, Full Time Custodian at Alleghany High School effective August 17, 2022.

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