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Front row, left to right: Brenda Woodie (Weekday Religious Education), Rev Jim Slate (Cope Food Pantry & Men of Mission), Rev Paul Brokaw (Eastern Alleghany Ministerial Association), Makynzie Fridley (Student), Cassie Williams (Special Education Teacher, Shenandoah Autism Center), Major George Hackbarth (Salvation Army)

Second row, left to right: Faye Davis (Clifton Forge Food Pantry), Kim Halterman (Alleghany Highlands Public Schools, Superintendent), Chief Chris Smith (Covington Police Department Dare Program), Mary Asma (2022 Highlands Christmas Mother), Jonathan Brackman (American Heart Association), Ronald Black (South Covington Food Pantry)

Back row, left to right: Jean Moore (LGHA Volunteers, Secretary), Erin Anderson (LGHA Provider Relations Director), Lee Higginbotham (LGHA CEO), Mark Hepler (LGHA Volunteers, Director), Donell Cobbs (LGHA Volunteers, President), Dolores Turner (LGHA Volunteers, Gift Shop Manager)

LGHA Volunteer Auxiliary: Over $5,000 Made In Local Donations

Low Moor, VA (Nov. 30, 2022) - The LewisGale Hospital Alleghany (LGHA) Volunteer Auxiliary once again has given annual donations to organizations in the Alleghany County Community. Still rebounding from the pandemic, the Volunteers have given over $5,000 to the area this year.

The Volunteer Auxiliary is solely supported by sales in the hospital gift shop, run by the Volunteers and managed by Bob and Dolores Turner. In addition to the gift shop, the Volunteers are integral to day-to-day operations at the hospital and are equally helpful to the community.

The Auxiliary is Directed by Mark Hepler and led by President Donell Cobbs. Mr. Hepler says of the group, “The LGA Volunteers are some of the best all-around people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. They are dedicated and hardworking, but mostly caring and giving. It never ceases to amaze me how much they continue to do, even in hard times such as these. They’re a huge part of our team here and it is my pleasure and honor to work with them.”

Of course, none of this could be possible without the support of the Hospital Administration. Alleghany CEO, Lee Higginbotham, and Provider Relations Director, Erin Haynes, joined the group photo and expressed their appreciation for the Volunteers’ contributions.

"The LGHA Volunteers wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!", Helper added.

Donation Recipients:

     •     Christmas Mother

     •     South Covington Food Pantry

     •     Clifton Forge Food Pantry

     •     Cope Food Pantry

     •     Salvation Army

     •     Radar Bus Service

     •     Weekday Religious Education

     •     American Heart Association

     •     American Red Cross

     •     Special Olympics

     •     Men of Mission

     •     Shenandoah Autism Center

     •     Alleghany Highlands School Shoe/Coat Fund

     •     Eastern Alleghany Ministerial Association

     •     Dare – Covington

     •     Dare – Alleghany County


     •     Senior Transitions Clothes Closet

     •     Patient Transportation

     •     Patient Medications/Care

     •     Members Memorial Fund

     •     Employee/family Halloween Party

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