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Botetourt Board Of Supervisors Meets Jan. 24, 2023



JANUARY 24, 2023




12:30 p.m. (Closed Session)

2:00 p.m. (Public Session)

12:30 p.m. Call to Order

1. Consider approval for Board member to electronically participate in meeting. (Lockaby)

2. Closed Session pursuant to the Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, as follows:

• Section 2.2-3711.A.3, Acquisition or disposition of real property for economic

development purposes where discussion in open session would adversely affect

the County’s bargaining position or negotiating strategy namely concerning the

Amsterdam (including Greenfield), Blue Ridge, and Valley Districts.

• Section 2.2-3711.A.5, Discussion on prospective businesses or industries or the expansion of existing businesses or industries where no previous announcement has been made of their interest in locating or expanding facilities in the community in the Amsterdam (including Greenfield), Blue Ridge, Buchanan,

Fincastle, and Valley Districts.

2:00 p.m. Call the meeting back to order and adopt the post-closed session

resolution by roll-call vote.

Pledge of Allegiance and moment of silence.

3. Board of Supervisors’ Reorganizational Meeting 2023 (Larrowe)

a. Elect a Chair and Vice-Chair

b. Committee/Commission/Board appointments

c. Adoption of the By-laws

d. Adopt schedule of meetings for 4th Tuesday of each month, except December

when the meeting will be held on December 19, 2023

4. Introductions:

- Taylor Montgomery, Desktop Support Specialist

- Matt Paxton, Systems Engineer

5. Recognitions:

- Resolution honoring Robin Reed’s retirement (Larrowe)

- Retirement of Janet Buttram, Library staff member (Phillips)

- Fire & EMS Officer Promotions (Ferguson)

6 Citizen Comment period

7. Consent Agenda:

a. Approval of Minutes of the regular meeting held on December 20, 2022

b. Amendment to the County’s Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual Related

to Short-term Uninsured Disability Benefit

8. Approval of Transfers and Additional Appropriations (Zerrilla)

9. Approval of Accounts Payable & ratification of the Short Accounts Payable List (Zerrilla)

10. VDOT monthly update (Blevins)

11. Consider approval to authorize issuance of a Solicitation under the Public Private Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act of 2002 and Providing for the Evaluation Thereof regarding the Public Safety Radio System (Ferguson/Lanford)

12. Appointments

a. Consider appointment for the unexpired term of the Amsterdam District

representative on the Planning Commission. This unexpired term will end January

1, 2025.

b. The term of Charles Grant, Jr. on the Building Code Board of Appeals expires

March 17, 2023. This is a four-year term. Mr. Grant is willing to be reappointed.

c. The term of Darrin Hill on the Board of Zoning Appeals expires March 31, 2023. This is a five-year term. Mr. Hill is willing to be reappointed for another 5-year term.

Consider recommendation to the Circuit Court Judge for reappointment.

13. Board member comments

14. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) training session for Board members (Lockaby)


15. Amsterdam District: Greenfield Partners LLC requests a Commission

Permit in accordance with §15.2- 2232 of the Code of Virginia for the

construction of public road(s) and utilities, and also requests a rezoning of

a 53.448 portion of a 78.948-acre parcel from the Agricultural (A-1) Use

District to the Residential (R-1) Use District, with possible proffered

conditions, in accordance with Section 25-581. – Zoning Map

Amendment—Owner Initiated, and Chapter 25 Zoning, Article II – District

Regulations Generally, Division 4.- Low Density Residential District R-1 of

the Botetourt County Code, for the purpose of creating a single-family

residential development. The property is located on Greenfield Street

(Route 673), Daleville, VA, and access to the development is proposed

via Greenfield Street at the O’Hara Drive (Route 1155) intersection,

approximately 0.5 miles northeast of the Roanoke Road (US Route

220)/Greenfield Street intersection and also to a driveway located across

from the entrance to 925 Greenfield Street. It is identified on the Real

Property Identification Maps of Botetourt County as Section 88, Parcel


*Citizens who do not wish to attend in person may listen to the meeting by calling 1-301-715-8592 or 1-929-205-6099 and entering the meeting ID 875 8155 0045. The line will be open beginning at 1:55 p.m.

AGENDA ITEM: Certification of Closed Session

The following resolution is required following Closed Session per Section 2.2-3711(A) of the Code of Virginia. As per the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requirements, a roll call vote is required on this item.

Read aloud the following certification and have a roll call vote:

BE IT RESOLVED, that to the best of each Board members’ knowledge, only public business matters lawfully exempt from open meeting requirements and only such matters as were identified in the motion to go into Closed Session were heard, discussed, or considered during the Closed Session.

January 24, 2023

AGENDA ITEM: 2023 Board of Supervisors’ Reorganizational Process

Administrator’s Comments:

The first item of business is the election of a Chair and Vice-Chair effective January 1, 2023. This can be followed by the necessary committee/commission/board appointments for 2023 which can be approved by a single motion.

Attached for the Board’s consideration is a listing of the current

committee/commission/board appointments, a copy of the Board’s current Bylaws, as well as a schedule of meetings.


1. Elect a Chair and Vice-Chair effective January 1, 2023.

2. Make the necessary committee/commission/board appointments for 2023.

3. Adoption of the Bylaws.

4. Adopt schedule of meetings for the 4th Tuesday of each month, except

December 2023 when the meeting will be held on the 3rd Tuesday, December

19, 2023.

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