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Clifton Forge Veterans Law Firm Expanding, Revitalizing Main Street Bank Building

Clifton Forge, VA (Feb. 23, 2024) - Since starting its veterans law practice in 2021, K. McConnell Legal, PLLC, has grown by leaps and bounds, helping hundreds of clients in just a short time. Due to its growth, the firm looked for space to expand and landed on the former Sona/Primis bank building at 511 Main Street in Clifton Forge.

Ron and Kristen McConnell have purchased 511 Main Street and plan to move the K. McConnell Legal office to the second floor of the building, allowing the firm’s continued expansion of its mission of helping more veterans with their VA disability claims and appeals. Due to renovation, the move is expected by early summer of 2024.

Additionally, the McConnells plan to renovate the drive-thru area of the bank building and open a coffee shop in fall 2024, adding a coffee shop option once again in Clifton Forge.

“We want to make a positive impact on Clifton Forge, and we think that revitalizing and refreshing this building at the center of our town will be a great start and hopefully inspire others. Additionally, adding new, active businesses may attract other new, active businesses,” says Kristen McConnell.

Local leaders join in the excitement of this new chapter for Clifton Forge. “As Mayor of Clifton Forge, I would like to congratulate Ron & Kristen McConnell on the purchasing of the old Sona Bank building on 511 Main Street. Their firm has had a great impact on our community and to the veterans of this country that are so deserving for their service to our country. I know the renovations and the new businesses that they plan for the building will be a positive step forward for the town of Clifton Forge and will bring life to the building and our town,” said Mayor Jeff Irvine.

Teresa Hammond, Executive Director of the Alleghany Highlands Chamber of Commerce and Tourism adds, “We are very excited about this news and thank the McConnells for their significant investment here in the Alleghany Highlands and Downtown Clifton Forge. Their ideas for this property will help transform it into a key destination and continue the revitalization efforts underway in Clifton Forge. We also appreciate their commitment to providing legal services to Veterans that have so selflessly served our county.”

Due to the renovations, the public is asked to no longer park in the building’s parking lot or drive-thru area.

K. McConnell Legal, PLLC is a veterans disability law practice, serving veterans all over the country and all around the world, assisting them with disability claims and appeals. www.vtrnlw.com

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