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Informing The Alleghany Highlands Region!
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                               How Do I on alleghanyjournal.com The Alleghany Journal is a new electronic newspaper for the Alleghany Highlands region

Your participation is not just welcome, but encouraged...

  • How do I subscribe? - first, a bit of explanation. Initially, the Alleghany Journal will be an all-electronic newspaper. That means stories will be posted on the site for all local readers to enjoy and many more stories will be made available based upon a membership fee of just $10 per year. We call that "membership" our Press Club. Why a fee? Because covering news events, hiring photographers and other staff takes money. Nobody works for free. But we can make our labor/stories/work available to you very inexpensively - at a fraction of what it costs you to buy a printed newspaper in this market. We are not yet ready to begin our Press Club, but when we are, we'll make an announcement. Until that time, enjoy the content we post for free!

  • How do I contribute? - if you wish to cover events, take photographs on a regular basis or be an editorial columnist, write a regular history article, etc., etc. just go to Contributor's Form and tell us what you're interested in or what you'd like to do with our publication.

  • How to I purchase photographs which appear on the Alleghany Journal's website? - That's simple. Click the photo, download it and get its filename. Then, send the editor an email requesting that a HIGH RESOLUTION version be sent to you. The good news is that we can do this. The "bad" news is that it will cost you $10 each. Our work isn't free: we'll supply you with the highest quality images possible. Send all such requests to: The Editor and give us your telephone number. (We'll call you and get your credit card number to cover the cost).

  • How do I get news articles posted on the Alleghany Journal's site? - This, again is simple: send your text information via email, attach a word processor document (.doc, .wpd, or .txt, etc) and even a photograph by attachment (.jpg, .gif, .eps, .pdf, or .png) to the news desk at the Alleghany Journal.com. Make sure to include a day and night telephone number so that we may contact you if we need further details.

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