The will produce video photo slideshows for those families of the deceased who wish to allow those who may not be able to attend any given funeral the opportunity to view images of the life and times of their loved ones. (For an example, click here - for a second example, click here.)

To order photo slideshows to be attached to any particular obituary listing, here is the procedure.

  • Assemble no more than 30 images (jpg, png, pdf, etc.), provide us with the name of the deceased, date of death and your relationship with the person. Submit that information (and attach the images) along with your phone number to:

    The fee is $99 per listing, payment due in advance. A invoice will be sent via email for credit card payment.

    The Journal will examine each image, provide appropriate editing/corrections and adjust sizing and provide each customer with a "proof" production via email and optional appropriate background music. Your approval will be followed with the appropriate postings/attachment of the slideshow to the specific obituary.

    (Those requiring more than 30 images/photographs are subject to a higher fee. Ask us for more details.)

    Due to the wide variance in quality of photo submissions, the Journal cannot guarantee a specific time frame for posting. Many photographs may need substantial corrections which could delay the posting, but we'll do our very best to accommodate all requests.

    Note: Powerpoint images are NOT acceptable.

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