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  Editorials In The Alleghany Journal "Thinking Things Over" - Opinions by Jerry E. Clark...& Others

2017: A Few Predictions On The National Front

Reality Check: Bright Horizon If All Is Implemented...

What To Expect In The Coming Months

Thoughts On The National Electorate

It's Time To Get On With It

It's A Question Of 'Wealth Management'

Why We're Not Defeating ISIS

Many Reasons Why Donald Trump Isn't A Serious Presidential Candidate

Sustained Business Growth: The Key To Prosperity

Black Lives Really Matter

It's Time For John To Go...

A Deal With The 'Devil'

Playing Sick Games With The Public

Notes On Who You May Love...

No Hope, No Care, No Future

Baltimore Notes; Real Poverty Issues

A Brewing, Multi-Million Dollar Scandal

What's Needed: More Economic Diversity Here

Historic Iran Accord Framework Announced

More Reasons Why Iran Deal Is A Potentially A Very Bad Deal

Constitutional Showdown Predicted

Too Much Talk; GOP Must Face Demographic Facts...

The Lessons Of History

· Another 'Branch' Of Government

Some Thoughts On Islamist Goals

· Obama's Election Didn't Change Rules Of Economics

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